Marea Beachfront Villas Frequently asked questions

Below are some commonly asked questions. Please contact us if you don’t find an answer.

Resort Fee

A mandatory 10% resort fee is added to all Room Rates.
The Resort Fee benefits include Free Wifi, Free Parking, Hotel Amenities & Services (front desk, concierge, housekeping, villa assistance), Access to Residents Facilities (Restaurant, Wellness Center)


Make a copy of your passport and keep it in a safe place in case you lose it. Upon arrival customs will give you a piece of paper stamped. That is you temporary visa. Don’t lose it, you need to give it to the airline when you return.


Let your bank and credit card company know you’ll be traveling to Mexico so they do not block your card.

Exchange Rate

Currently the dollar to peso is around 20 pesos to 1 USD. That means $500 pesos is $25 USD


We are located on a pristine 16 km beach (10 miles). We are blessed with privacy, peace and calm. 10 min from the Airport, 25 min to Zihua (Downtown), 10 min to Barra de Potosi.


From the Airport – It’s easy to get a taxi. As you leave security, taxi stand is to the right. They take cash and credit card. Ride is approximately 10 minutes to Marea.

Marea to Zihua Downtown – Roughly 25 min drive – Cost depends on exact location


Marea has a full service beach club open from 8:00am to 9:00pm, serves breakfast, lunch & dinner. People love it, find it convenient and affordable.

Grocery Shopping

Marea has kitchens perfect to prepare light meals and snacks. Taxi will take you into grocery store and wait for you to do shopping then bring you back.

Tip: Small market & Grocery store are close to the airport. Good to pickup drinks and light snacks.

Front Desk

Opens at 08:00am and closes at 10:00pm. Outside of hours you can contact +52 755 130 7597 if you need assistance. They can help book activities, reservations, local tips and more!


All guest’s reservations include housekeeping services. Cleaning services may change based on the reservation needs.

Inside Activities

We have a full gym, yoga studio, kayaking, kids club and other family and couple activities that guests can enjoy. Some activities are subject to seasonality.

Outside Activies

A range of couple and family activities are available in town. 24-hour reservation notice is advised for outside activities. Ask at Front Desk for available activities.

Private Chef

We do not offer or recommend private chef service.

COVID Testing

You can have your test taken at the property by a certified Laboratory. Appointments can be made at the Frontdesk (during your stay) or with Guest Experience (before your arrival).

Health & Security

We take COVID seriously. All the preventive measures are being followed at the Property. Masks are required in public areas.


We do not offer or recommend nanny service.


In Marea we communicate through Whatsapp to make your stay more enjoyable. Please download before you come and make sure you add us. Its very easy and free to get!

Download HERE


Access to guest pets is not allowed except in the following cases:
a.) Emotional Support Pets:
They are pets that help their owners overcome some emotional or psychological problem, such as phobias, stress, depression, etc. These dogs represent an essential support to guarantee the physical and emotional well-being of the person they accompany.
– Pet Documentation
– Guest Documentation

b.) Service Pets:
– Guide dogs that support blind or visually impaired people.
– Animals that give signals to a person with deafness.
– Animals trained to alert a person to a seizure.
– Animals to assist people with motor disabilities.
– Pet Documentation

Indications for presentation of documents:
* Pet documentation:
– Vaccination card.
– Current rabies vaccine.
– Certificate of good health issued by a veterinarian (original and copy). The certificate will be valid up to 5 days from the date of issue. Letterhead will be requested with the printed professional ID number and, in addition, it must have the following information: name and address of the owner, breed, sex, age and color of the animal.
* Guest Documentation:
– A medical certificate not older than 1 year, indicating the person’s need to travel with the animal due to a disability related to mental health, it will also indicate that the client is under the supervision and care of the doctor.
– The certificate must be issued exclusively by a psychiatrist. This must be submitted on letterhead and must include the following information:
a.) Date of issue, professional license number and specialty of the psychiatrist.
b.) All data must be printed on the same certificate.
c.) A certificate issued by a veterinarian determining that an animal is trained to provide emotional support is not valid.



I cannot say enough amazing things about this place.. CANT WAIT TO COME BACK! THANK YOU!